Thrust boring is one of the methods used for NDRC ( Non- destructive road crossing). Itoffers clients several advantages when compared to traditional trench cutting methods and it also reduces construction time and costs. 

They eliminate the need for cutting main roads, which are difficult and costly to restore and causes traffic diversions. They are ideal in environmentally sensitive areas for minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment. They reduce disturbance to traffic and environment, and are much faster than conventional methods. Horizontal Thrust Boring, involving lowering the press jacking machine into a prepared level pit of sufficient size to provide ample working space for the equipment, crew, thrust block, and spoil removal. Pipe sections of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m pipes can be installed. The operation continues until all sections of pipes are installed underground and the pipe has finally reached to the receiving pit at the other side of the crossing.